What Does Hurd Mean In New York?

How many is considered a horde?

In anthropology, horde is used to denote a small loosely knit social group typically consisting of about five families.

Horde or hoard: To hoard is to squirrel stuff away, like gold bricks or candy wrappers.

A horde is a crowd of people, usually, but it can also be a gang of mosquitoes, robots, or rabid zombie kittens..

What are some New York slang words?

Here are 10 NY slang expressions that have been exported across the US of A.Kid/Son/My G: a very close friend. … Real talk: it’s time to be serious. … Guap/cake/cheese: money. … Mad: adds an emphasis to the word that follows it. … frontin’: to put on a false front usually to impress others.More items…•

What words do rappers use?

Common Terms in RapBenji – 100$ bill.Funny Money – counterfeit money.Yard – your house, as in I’m going yard.Pots of Money – to have alot of cash.Brass – funny.hand Bag – money.Scrilla – cash.Scrappa – cash.More items…

What does Hurd mean?

HURD Stands For:RankAbbreviationMeaning*****HURDHird Of Unix-Replacing Daemons (cf. Hird) Computer IT Terminology Software***HURDHird of Unix Replacing Dameons***HURDHird Of Unix Replacing Daemons General

Why do New Yorkers say B?

What does the word “B” mean in New York, as in “What up, B?” … If you hear it from folk educated at NYC public schools, it is short for “Brother or “Bro.” Often it’s used in answers to questions or comments as “Naw, B.” or “Yeah, B.” You May also hear “Son” or “Cuz” or “Primo” used the same way.

What does jacking around mean?

jack around. 1. To waste or pass time idly, as by doing nothing or engaging in foolish behavior. Stop jacking around and start cleaning this place up—my parents will be home soon! … It’s like the development team spent the whole time jacking around instead of actually working on it!

What does jacking mean in New York?

9. “Jack” This term can be interpreted in a number of different ways using New York’s local lingo. One way it’s used: “That person just got jacked.” In this case, it means somebody was just robbed. Another New York City usage is, “This guy got jacked up.” This is slang for a specific person losing a fight.

What does Oding mean in New York?

// New York // O.D. (verb – adjective) To overdo something; To be exaggerated. This would most likely be used in a conversation about someone who needs to relax a bit.

What is Hord?

hord (plural hordes) A hoard or cache of hidden valuables. A location or room of hidden non-valuables. A storehouse of (non-hidden) valuables or presents.

What does stockpile mean?

noun. a supply of material, as a pile of gravel in road maintenance. a large supply of some metal, chemical, food, etc., gathered and held in reserve for use during a shortage or during a period of higher prices. a quantity, as of munitions or weapons, accumulated for possible future use.

What does it mean to be transfixed?

to make or hold motionless with amazement, awe, terror, etc. to pierce through with or as if with a pointed weapon; impale. to hold or fasten with or on something that pierces.

What does 730 mean in New York?

730 means crazy and originated in NYC (specifically from the city code used when a perp suffers from a mental disorder).

What’s the difference between herd and heard?

“Heard” is the verb to hear in the past. “Herd” refers to a group of animals of the same species that stay together. For example a herd of cows.

What does 730 mean to Bloods?

Posted July 30, 2013. In honor of 7/30, we’re bringing you the craziest 730 rap references. In case you’re wondering what ‘730’ means, it’s a police code referencing to a person that is crazy or suffers from a mental disorder.