Quick answer: What Does 999 999 9999 Mean On My Phone Usage?

What is a text message from 6245?

6245 is the short code for MAIL – look at your phone’s key pad and spell it out.

These calls are generated through email, IM’ing, text messaging from a free text message site, Internet phone – any of these web based options will result in the code 0000006245 (short code for MAIL)..

What does a text to 999 999 9999 mean?

999-999-9999 is the number that comes up when a phone call is received from a VOIP phone line. We have a VOIP service, with lingo.com. When I set it to make my phone number anonymous, (block my number when I call) this is the number that appears on the caller ID, and/or phone bill.

What does 666 mean?

666 (six hundred [and] sixty-six) is the natural number following 665 and preceding 667. 666 is called the “number of the Beast” in (most manuscripts of) chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation, of the New Testament, and also in popular culture.

What is a mobile message?

SMS (short message service) is a text messaging service component of most telephone, Internet, and mobile device systems. It uses standardized communication protocols to enable mobile devices to exchange short text messages. An intermediary service can facilitate a text-to-voice conversion to be sent to landlines.

What area code is 000?

In Australia, 000 is reserved as an emergency telephone number.

What does it mean when you get a call from 999 999 9999?

Generally that is what shows if the caller ID is blocked on the caller’s end – they block their number from showing up. It would come to your phone as an unavailable number or restricted number.

What does 999 mean?

The meaning of number 999 is completion. The number 9 is the last single digit, so when you see this number everywhere you go, something in your life is ending or will be completed soon.

Where is the 999 area code?

Where Is Area Code 999? There is no area code 999 in the United States, and no country has 999 as an international calling code. Certain places in Yucatán, Mexico, use the 999 area code, but it should not show up unless both the caller and receiver are in Mexico.

What is a text from Vtext com?

What is Vtext.com? Vtext.com is a companion web site for use by subscribers of Text Messaging. This site expands your Text Messaging service by offering a spectrum of cool messaging features. Register your mobile phone number at www.Vtext.com to personalize your messaging experience.

What area code is 333?

300–399CodeTerritory or use332New York (New York City: Manhattan only, except for Marble Hill)333not in use334Alabama (Montgomery, Auburn, Dothan, Enterprise, Eufaula, Opelika, Phenix City, Selma, Tuskegee and most of southeastern Alabama)335not in use39 more rows

What does the Bible say about 999?

According to the Bible, people with number 999 are created with a mission to save the world. … The Bible says that number 9 actually represents the spirit of God, so it is related to the elements, such as kindness, peace, love, gentleness, joy and many others.

Is 999 a lucky number?

9, 99, 999, and 9999 is a series which has been creating a huge tumult in the lives of the masses across the globe for allegedly carrying inauspicious and unlucky properties. However, in another surprising revelation, it is found that the same numbers are considered prosperous and lucky on another piece of land.

Which country code is 666?

Thailand countryThe Thailand country code 66 will allow you to call Thailand from another country. Thailand telephone code 66 is dialed after the IDD. Thailand international dialing 66 is followed by an area code. The Thailand area code table below shows the various city codes for Thailand.

Which country has +42 code?

Czech RepublicFollowing the break-up of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the successor states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, continued to share the 42 country code until 28 February 1997, with the Czech Republic then adopting 420 and Slovakia adopting 421.