Quick Answer: How Do I Change The Spelling Of My Name On My Social Security Card?

How do I change my Social Security name?

Documents Social Security may accept to prove a legal name change include:Marriage document;Divorce decree;Certificate of Naturalization showing the new name; or.Court order approving the name change..

Do you have to change your name on your Social Security card when you get married?

You are not legally required to get a new Social Security card when you get married unless you change your name. If you decide to adopt your spouse’s last name or hyphenate your name, the Social Security Administration (SSA) says you must notify them so you can obtain a corrected card with your new name.

Definition of Full legal name Full legal name means the applicant’s first name, middle name(s), and last name, without the use of initials or nicknames, as it appears on the applicant’s presented source documents.

There is no concept or definition of a “middle name” in English law. Your middle names (if you have any) are a part of your first name. … So, for example, if your full name were “John Fred SMITH” (your surname being “SMITH”), then your first name (in full) would be “John Fred”.

Can I keep my maiden name on my Social Security card?

Divorce, annulment, or dissolution name change If your decree or dissolution specifies a new name, the SSA must use it. … Returning to a name that’s not on file requires proof, such as a birth certificate for maiden name or marriage certificate for a prior married name.

How much does social security charge for name change?

If you legally change your name because of marriage, divorce, court order or any other reason, you must tell Social Security so you can get a corrected card. You cannot apply for a card online. There is no charge for a Social Security card. This service is free.

Do you change your Social Security card or license first?

After your social security card is filed, it’s time to get a new drivers license. Most DMVs will change it with a copy of a marriage certificate, although others may require you to wait until your social security card has been changed.

Can I hyphenate my last name on my Social Security card?

Hyphenating is considered a legal name change so you’ll still need to go through the process of updating all of your legal documents (social security card, driver’s license, passport, etc) and personal accounts (banks, credit cards, TSA Pre✓, etc.).

What happens if you don’t change your last name after marriage?

The radical rule says that “a wife who has not changed her name after marriage, by publishing in the official gazette, may continue to use her maiden name”. … The ‘after divorce’ status, meanwhile, does not force a woman to revert to her maiden surname if she had been using her husband’s surname all through the marriage.

Because identity theft, credit card fraud, and even the fear of terrorist spies are rampant, many financial and government agencies may require legal court documents to prove your identity; there are certain forms of identification, such as a Social Security card, birth certificate, and passports, which will absolutely …

Does your social security card have to match your birth certificate?

Comments for Name on birth certificate does not match driver’s license and SS card. … Answer: It is ideal to have all your identification documents (birth certificate, license, SS card, state ID, passport, etc.) match, especially because of Real ID.

How do I change my name on my Social Security card in SC?

To complete this process, download and fill out the Application for a Social Security Card (Form SS-5). Send this form (by mail or in person) to your local SSA office along with proof of identity, proof of name change, and proof of lawful U.S. presence.