Question: Is Parallel Space App Is Safe?

How does parallel space app work?

Parallel Space is a unique app which allows you to sign in two different accounts on a single Android device simultaneously.

Parallel Space can create a separate space in your Android phone.

In this space, you can run apps independently, in order to login the 2nd account simultaneously..

Is parallel space a Chinese app?

The app protects Android systems from viruses, unwanted advertisements and other possible threats to the safety and privacy of mobile users. Zhang said that LBE Tech will continue to launch new apps in China and around the world. Currently, 80 percent of Parallel Space’s users are from overseas, he said.

Which country invented parallel space?

LBE Tech is the developer of Parallel Space. After it first launched Parallel Space in February 2016, LBE has attracted 30 million downloads from over 100 countries, including US, France, Italy, India and Brazil. Parallel Space is also ranked No.

Is TikTok Chinese app?

TikTok/Douyin (Chinese: 抖音; pinyin: Dǒuyīn) is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based Internet technology company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. … As of April 2020, Douyin has around 500 million monthly active users.

Does parallel space drain battery?

Basically, you can clone and run multiple instances of the same app simultaneously. But over the years, Parallel Space has become bloated, and it now causes faster battery drain. Even with the screen off, it drains the battery in the background.

Which is better parallel space or dual space?

Incognito Mode: Parallel Space has its own incognito mode that lets one hide any app and make it password protected. Dual App has no incognito mode to hide cloned apps. … One Tap Boost: This feature frees up memory with just a single touch by closing all the running apps in the Parallel Space.

Which dual app is best?

Parallel Space is the best clone app for those who want to balance their professional and personal life. Because with the help of this app you can create multiple clones of any app which is installed on your android device.

How do I remove parallel space?

08. How can I delete the app added in Parallel Space? Long press the app you’d like to delete and then drag it the the deleting area at the bottom. Please note that the usage data in the app will be lost and can’t be retrieved after being deleted.

Is App cloning safe?

App Cloning It appears to be a legitimate App but when users install the cloned App, it forces them to grant full access to their mobiles and in effect, it can eavesdrop on everything one does on their phones.

What is the difference between parallel space and parallel space Lite?

While all the other lite apps present in the market are relatively smaller in size, the lite version of Parallel Space is the same size as the main app. Both apps have a file size of 8.9 MB at the time of installation. On some phones, the lite app exceeded the main app in the size department.

Is parallel space (app from play store) legal to use for opening coc. Its an app that keeps you logged into your 2nd google account so you can switch between coc accounts quicker.

Is multiple accounts App Safe?

Multiple Accounts guards your accounts’ security by keeping the data information confidential. It facilitates the creation of a security lock for all your parallel accounts. This stops anyone else besides you from accessing your personal account.

Is b612 a Chinese app?

B612. If you are not looking for any facial or body enhancements, then B612 (iOS/Android) is for you. The photo app, named after a planet from the novella Little Prince, is owned by Japan’s Line Corp. Although Line, the popular chat app, is blocked in China, B612 has made big headway in the selfie-addicted country.

Which app is best for dual WhatsApp?

5 Best Apps To Run 2 WhatsApp Apps (With Different Numbers) On One PhoneParallel Space. Parallel Space is one of the best and top-rated Android app that can be used to clone the WhatsApp Android app. … 2Accounts. Guess what? … Parallel U. … Multi. … Super Clone.