Question: How Do You Win PES Mobile?

Who is the best CF in PES 2020 Mobile?

The majority of the highest rated players are attackers, but centre-backs Van Dijk, Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos make the top 10 this year….Who are the best players in PES 2020?RankingPlayerRating1L.



HAZARD9146 more rows•Apr 3, 2020.

Who is the best manager in PES 2020 Mobile?

The best Managers in PES 2020Fernando Santos – Full Profile.C. Valbuena – Full Profile.Ivo Vieira – Full Profile.J. Löw – Full Profile.

How do you defend in PES?

2.1 Stand OffFollowing the opponent closely.Double tab X (PS3) / A (XBOX) to execute a standing tackle.Use the jockey stance to face the opponent all the time while tracking his movement.Pressuring your opponent with 2 defenders.Use the slide tackle to win the ball aggressively.More items…

How do you cross the ball in PES 2020 Mobile?

One trick is ensure that your winger is in front of your striker before crossing the ball in. This will ensure that the ball is hit into space for the striker to run towards. If the winger is too far ahead, wait a few seconds for the striker to move forward before crossing.

What is PES 2020 myClub?

What is PES myClub? myClub is, alongside Master League, the game’s most popular mode. The goal is to build your super team, using whichever players you like for each position. … You compete online or VS COM for game money (known as GP) to have better players/managers and renew your team’s contracts.

How do you get good players on PES 2020 Mobile?

8 tips to become a myClub expert in eFootball PES 2020Invest in a good manager. … Use extra myClub Coins on Featured Players. … Train your squad effectively. … Boost your Team Spirit. … Earn rewards via the new Matchday mode. … Keep an eye on in-form players. … Identify the best Scout combinations. … Save your top stars for big games.More items…•

Which is the best formation in PES 2020 Mobile?

Best PES 2020 formations: 4-2-1-2-1 (4-3-2-1 in PES) Going forward: The aim of the game here is to move the ball toward goal with a series of short passes to retain possession, while keeping your teammates close by.

Who is the best midfielder in PES 2020?

Best Central Midfielders in PES 2020RankingNameOverall1L. Modrić892Toni Kroos883Thiago Alcântara884Paul Pogba886 more rows•Nov 12, 2019

Is 4222 a good formation?

Pros: as I said in the introduction, its a very versatile formation. … it counters narrow formations very well and is generally defensively very solid. With the 2 defensive midfielders, the 4222 is very effective against the 41212 narrow, the 4312 and the 4321.

Who is the best defender in PES 2020?

Either way, Centre Backs are so important to your PES 2020 squad, so we rank the best central defenders in this year’s game.Virgil van Dijk (OVR 91) Age: 28. … Sergio Ramos (OVR 90) Age: 33. … Gerard Pique (OVR 90) Age: 32. … Kalidou Koulibaly (OVR 88) … Mats Hummels (OVR 88) … Diego Godin (OVR 87) … Giorgio Chiellini (OVR 87)

How do you get my club coins on PES 2020 Mobile?

To celebrate the amazing success of PES 2020, we’re running a login campaign. During the campaign, log in to myClub and you can earn 50 myClub Coins every day up to to a grand total of 350 myClub Coins! Complete the myClub tutorials. *Rewards can be claimed from your Inbox.

How do you win at PES?

10 tips to help you win in eFootball PES 2020Master the new ‘Stadium’ camera angle. … Avoid making unrealistic passes. … Improve your defensive positioning. … Learn how to Super Cancel. … Make use of Advanced Instructions. … Focus on patient build-up plays. … Play to your squad’s strengths. … Work on your Finesse Dribble timing.More items…•