Question: How Do I Add Baggage To AirAsia?

How do I add baggage to my booked flight?

How to Purchase Extra BaggageProceed with your flight booking: Fill in your flight details, select your flight and fill in your contact and traveler details.Tap Continue.

Under Flight Facilities, tap Baggage.

The amount you need to pay for the extra baggage will be added to the Price You Pay.

Tap Continue to proceed with your booking..

Can I add checked baggage after booking?

Checked Baggage. The cheapest and most convenient way to buy additional checked baggage is when you book your flight. If you’ve already made a booking but would like to add checked baggage, you can purchase additional weight up to 40 kg .

How do I buy extra baggage?

Steps to buy Extra BaggageEnter your booking details (PNR or booking reference, passenger last name and email) to retrieve your booking. … Select the desired extra weight on any one or more flights in your booking.Pay a nominal price (in this way enjoying up to 20% savings compared to regular price).More items…

Can I add baggage after booking AirAsia?

After performing Self check-in via Web/Mobile/Kiosk passengers are allowed to do the following changes to their bookings; Baggage supersize ( you may purchase/upgrade baggage up to 4 hours to departure time.) Sports Equipment Fee ( should you decide that you would be travelling with sports equipment.)

How strict is AirAsia with 7kg carry on baggage?

Re: How strict is AirAsia with 7kg Carry-on Baggage? Trevor you can only carry 7 kilos. The main bag must be no more than the dimensions listed in the website, if you have a send bag it must not be bigger than the dimensions listed and together they cannot weigh more than 7 kilos.

Can I still add baggage after check in Cebu Pacific?

Can I still add baggage after check in Cebu Pacific? You can add baggage via manage Booking up to 4 hours before scheduled time of departure. The 20 kg, 2-piece option is available up to 1 hour before departure. Any excess weight and pieces are subject to existing Excess Baggage Fee.

Can I add baggage allowance in Cebu Pacific after booking?

Baggage allowance may be purchased up to two (2) hours before departure through the Manage Booking tab on the website, the call center reservation hotlines or our sales offices. After this time, airport excess baggage fees apply. ADD BAGGAGE NOW!

How much luggage is allowed in AirAsia?

Each guest can purchase up to 40kg per way, per person. Should you have 40kg or more of checked baggage, AirAsia recommends that each checked baggage should not exceed 32kg. Any guest exceeding their personal checked baggage allowance will be charged for excess baggage at the prevailing rate on the day of travel.

How much does it cost for a extra baggage?

For most airlines, bags over 50 pounds (23 Kgs) are subject to additional fees which start around $50. Many airlines have additional fees for checking sports equipment such as skis, golf bags, and bikes. Also, International flights typically have even higher fees and the prices above are for domestic US flights.

Can I check in 2 bags with AirAsia?

Checked baggage allowance may be pre-booked online or purchased at the airport check-in counters. … Guest will be able to purchase one or two pieces depending on the weight and quantity of your baggage. Each piece of baggage should not exceed 20kg and two (2) baggage weighing 10kg each are considered as two (2) pieces.

How do I add extra baggage to AirAsia?

Save more when you pre-book baggage online before departing to the airport. Should you wish to upgrade from a 20kg checked baggage to 25kg or more, this can be done via My Bookings or AVA up to 4 hours prior to scheduled departure time or even at the airport check-in counter.

How much does it cost to add baggage on Air Asia?

For AirAsia, the excess baggage fee ranges from RM37. 10 to RM50 per kg while FireFly charges between RM35 to RM50 per kg. FireFly also charges a fee for excess hand baggage or carry-on baggage, which is at RM50 per kg for domestic flights and RM100 per kg for international flights.

How much is 20kg baggage in AirAsia?

Sports equipment weight available online: Domestic: 15kg / 20kg / 25kg / 30kg / 40kg. International: 20kg / 25kg / 30kg / 40kg.

Can we carry 2 checked in baggage?

Normally, international flights allow two to three check-in bags of 15-32 kg and a carry bag of 5-7 kg. Domestic flights on the other hand allow lesser weight i.e. check-in baggage of 15 kg and carry bag of 5 kg but some airlines like GoAir allow carry bag of 7kg and a laptop. … Additional baggage costs Rs.