Question: Are 0800 Numbers Free On Smarty?

How can I change my smarty plan?

You can change your plan by simply logging into your dashboard and choosing the plan on the first page by clicking “change plan”.

Your new plan will then start on your next renewal date..

Is Smarty unlimited really unlimited?

If you’re looking for an unlimited data plan that doesn’t require a long-time commitment or a credit check, then you really can’t do better than Smarty. Smarty offers the cheapest one-month rolling contract with unlimited data. Plus, you won’t face any speed restrictions or unreasonable limitations on your usage.

Can I keep my number with Smarty?

Bringing your old number over to SMARTY. … You’ll need to get a PAC code from your previous mobile provider, log into your SMARTY dashboard and head to the Account Settings page. Click on ‘Transfer to SMARTY’, and the on-screen instructions will show you how to enter your PAC or STAC, and the number you want to transfer.

Is Smarty owned by three?

Similar to iD Mobile, SMARTY runs on the three network. However, SMARTY is owned by Three itself. This is similar in the way giffgaff is owned by O2. As a result, whether you are using the 3G or 4G network you will get identical coverage with a SMARTY or Three SIM.

Can I have two Smarty Sims?

Multiple plans in one place Set up a family plan and each person can have a different plan with a data allowance that suits them. You can add people and manage everything on your SMARTY dashboard.

How do you pay for Smarty?

How billing works with SMARTYHow we take payments at SMARTY. All our monthly plans are paid for in advance with a credit or debit card or cash if you have purchased via a PayPoint retailer. … Auto-renew. You’ve got the choice of setting up a recurring payment or not with each of the SMARTY plans. … When your plan doesn’t automatically renew…

Will the UK run out of mobile numbers?

While there is a growing concern that the UK could exhaust its supply of mobile numbers at some point in the future, Ofcom ruled it out when we spoke to them earlier this week. “There’s no immediate risk of running out of mobile numbers,” a spokesperson said.

Is Smarty a pay as you go?

SMARTY is the SIM-only mobile network that offers all the flexibility of pay as you go. Our monthly plans start from £6 and come with no minimum-term contracts. That means you can pause or cancel at any time – no commitment, no hassle. Just simple, honest mobile.

Is Smarty mobile any good?

Conclusion. SMARTY is a good value 4G network that’s got even better with the introduction of an unlimited data plan. Its other major strengths come from the low-cost plans and a discount for those who don’t use up all their data – though this is only available on plans with small allowances.

How can I make my SIM Smarty?

To activate your SIM card, go online, log in to your SMARTY account and follow the on-screen instructions. SIM cards should be activated immediately, but it could take up to 2 hours. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a text when you’re all good to go. Sometimes you may need to restart your device.

Does Smarty Mobile have an app?

We don’t have a SMARTY app right now, but seeing how much data you’ve got left couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is go to and log in to your dashboard – you’ll be able to see how much data you’ve got left at any point in the month.

Is Smarty a contract?

SMARTY only offers 30-day plans, so there’s no real contract and you have the flexibility to change your plan whenever you want, or even to cancel. However, you might not feel any need to adjust your plan, given that SMARTY buys back any unused data, as explained above.

How do I cancel my smarty contract?

If you’d like to leave SMARTY, we’ll be sorry to see you go. Make sure that you don’t have “Auto-renew” (automatic payment) selected in your Payment Settings and, if you need one, you can request a PAC code from your SMARTY dashboard. Just log in, click on the menu icon, select Account settings and the rest is easy.

Who does Smarty run off?

Smarty is what the phone trade calls an MVNO – a mobile virtual network operator. The brand is Smarty, but the network it uses is Three – in exactly the same way Giffgaff is powered by O2 and Voxi by Vodafone.

Is there a problem with Smarty?

If you still have a problem, contact us via web chat. Our web chat is available 9am-5pm, 7 days a week. If you need help outside of these times, you can still submit a question and leave your email address or mobile number. We’ll reply as soon as possible and you’ll get an alert to your email of mobile.