How Much Are Bowling Balls Worth?

Are old bowling balls worth money?

Yes, they are worth money.

It also depends on what the weights are..

How much do used bowling balls sell for?

You might get $10 to $15 per bowling ball. Another option, if you are looking to get a bowling ball yourself, is Pro Bowling Shops might offer a trade in.

Is it worth buying your own bowling ball?

Reduce Risk of Injury. For many of the same reasons your own ball will improve your game, it will also reduce your risk of injury. When your ball specifically fits your hand, and when you’re using a ball that works with your bowling style, you have more control and don’t have to force your shots.

What is the most expensive bowling ball?

Most Expensive Bowling Balls in the World1 Storm Code Red Bowling Ball. The first on the list is a very high-performance ball called the Storm Code Red Bowling Ball. … 2 Hammer Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball. … 3 Storm Drive Bowling Ball. … 4 Columbia 300 Lit Bowling Ball. … 5 Brunswick Tenacity Bowling Ball.

How do you get rid of old bowling balls?

Call the local recycling centers in your area and ask if they take old bowling balls. Never hurts to ask. On the off chance they can’t be recycled the traditional way by dropping them off at a recycling center doesn’t mean they can’t be recycled in another way.