How Can I Know My SIM Number Viva?

How can I know my own number?

To check your cell phone number in Idea SIM dial the below USSD codes:DIAL : *131*1#Idea number check : *789#*100#*1#*131*1#*147*2*3# ( SUGGESTED BY USER – cross check before using )*147*8*2#*147*1*3#More items….

How can I know the location of a mobile number?

Find GPS MapLocation of Mobile phone number Please note that, if the user of mobile phone enabled GPS location map / installed any App with location map, then it is possible to locate the phone number. If you have valid reason either police or Telecom operator will be able to provide you the details.

How do I know my mobile number is prepaid or postpaid?

How to know if an Airtel SIM is prepaid or postpaid – Quora. If you are having that SIM in your hand then just dial *123#, if you get a reply with balance amount then it is prepaid, Or else it is postpaid.

What is a postpaid number?

The postpaid mobile phone is a mobile phone for which service is provided by a prior arrangement with a mobile network operator. The user in this situation is billed after the fact according to their use of mobile services at the end of each month. … This service is better for people with a secured income.

Which postpaid SIM is best?

If you are wondering which telco operator offers the best postpaid plan priced around Rs 500, then you’re at the right place.Airtel’s Rs 499 Infinity postpaid plan. … BSNL’s competing postpaid plan. … Idea’s Rs 499 Nirvana postpaid plan. … Vodafone’s Red Entertainment+ Rs 499 postpaid plan. … Reliance Jio’s Rs 199 postpaid plan.

How can I check mobile number operator?

Try to register number on respective operator website if it says sms sent its on that network otherwise it will say check number…. you can use truecaller app. You can use mobile number can use online operator finding sites.

How can I know my STC SIM number?

STC subscribers can send an SMS message containing the number 9988 to the number 902. Mobily subscribers can send a blank SMS message to 616166. Zain subscribers can send a blank SMS message to 700123. Note, however, that you can check only extra numbers from the same telecom company with which you are registered.

How do I find out my SIM card number?

How can I find my SIM card number (ICCID) on my Android phone?Select “Settings.”Click on “About Phone” or “About Device” depending on your phone model.Click “Status.”Choose “ICCID” or “IMEI Info” to see your number listed.

How can I know my postpaid SIM number?

How Can I Know My Airtel Postpaid Number? Checking Airtel Number Postpaid is the same as for Airtel prepaid number check. You simply have to dial *282# or download the MyAirtel App.

How can I activate my expired STC SIM?

Usage notes:The line is activated upon first use.Valid for up to 60 days from activation. If not recharged and unused for 90 days, the service will be terminated.SIM card validity extends according to each recharge card chosen.To check your Sawa balance, dial *166# or call 1500.

What is SIM number?

Your ICCID is your SIM card’s 19-digit identification number. You’ll need to be able to locate this number for activating your SIM, troubleshooting, and topping up. The number is printed on the back of your SIM, but you can also find it in your phone’s settings.

How do I find my phone number on my keypad?

If you have no balance in your sim and you don’t know your mobile number the dial this Code to check number.*122*131#*888#*1#*234*4#*131#